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Never a Dull Moment: Upcoming Events in the World of Apache Spark™

Check out upcoming chances for learning, exploring, and connecting with the Apache Spark community:

  • Weather Data Sparkathon at GalvanizeSeptember 18-20San Francisco — The second iteration of the big Spark hackathon that Galvanize hosted back in June. Build an app from scratch around volumes of weather data from the Weather Company. Winners to be flown to IBM Insight in Las Vegas (October 25th – 29th). — RSVP and get on Slack today: http://hacktheweather.github.io/

  • Deep Dive: Spark SQL + DataFrames Cassandra Connector from Datastax AuthorsSeptember 21Santa Clara — The authors from DataStax show off an implementation of the Spark SQL Data Sources API. For those keeping score at home, the spark-cassandra-connector implementation is akin to spark-cvs and spark-avro. Event is organized and hosted by STC’s own Chris Fregly. — http://www.meetup.com/Advanced-Apache-Spark-Meetup/events/223690367/

  • Healthcare Predictive Analytics within the ORSeptember 23Online Meetup — Ayad Shammout and Denny Lee demonstrate how to predict available operating room block times using Spark — and a dash of multi-variate linear regression. Their system is leading to better OR utilization and shorter wait times for patients. — http://www.meetup.com/spark-online/events/223364956/

  • ML on Spark RoundtableOctober 14Bellevue, WA — Speakers from Dato, Databricks, Concur, and Atigeo explain and debate machine language on Spark. — https://sparkhub.databricks.com/event/ml-on-spark-roundtable/

  • Sparkathon. It’s Raining DataOctober 22Worldwide — A global extension of the weather data Sparkathon, this is a 10-week online coding challenge to build the best new app around a mass of weather data. Cash prizes totaling $20K go to 1st place, 2nd place, and community favorite. All participants get free, extended access to the full set of IBM Bluemix services. Judges hail from Spark and IBM communities with celebrity guest judges from the VC/angel universe. — http://www.sparkathon.devpost.com/(If the page is still under construction, check back a bit later.)

  • Spark Summit Europe 2015October 27-29Amsterdam — Spark takes it on the road. Join the founders and leading lights of the Spark movement. Day one is training hosted by Databricks. Days two and three are talks and sessions to see where Spark is headed — and all the paths it’s taking to get there. — https://spark-summit.org/eu-2015/


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