Recommender System with Elasticsearch: Nick Pentreath & Jean-François Puget

At the recent sold-out Spark & Machine Learning Meetup in Brussels, Nick Pentreath of the Spark Technology Center teamed up with Jean-François Puget of IBM Analytics to deliver the main talk of the meetup: Creating an end-to-end Recommender System with Apache Spark and Elasticsearch.

Jean-François and Nick started with a look at the workflow for recommender systems and machine learning, then moved on to data modeling and using Spark ML for collaborative filtering. They closed with a discussion of deploying and scoring the recommender models, including a demo.

See a video of the talk on the Spark Technology Center Youtube channel ...

See the slides on SlideShare

Creating an end-to-end Recommender System with Apache Spark and Elasticsearch - Nick Pentreath & Jean-François Puget

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