Red Rock


Red Rock is an alpha app that lets the user act on data driven insights discovered from Twitter. Powered by IBM Analytics running on Apache Spark, it finds patterns in user tweets to see influential individuals, related topics of interest, and where in the world the conversation is taking place. In the hands of a marketer, this tool could become an extremely powerful way to connect with your target demographic or find emerging markets you might not have thought to look for. In the hands of someone at the increasingly overwhelmingly SXSW, this tool would help filter weather, private corporate events that aren't announced, surprise artists, pop-up studios, even food.

The data science algorithms used in RedRock are Word23Vec and K-means. The Word2Vec algorithm is based on deep neural networks and it assigns a numerical vector to each of the words in the Twitter data. Once a feature matrix if formed with the Word2Vec algorithm, K-means was applied to do it to cluster words. These two algorithms are used to build screens in the app.


  • Jon Alter
  • Raphael Bouchard
  • Kellyn Carpenter
  • Joel Colon Figueroa
  • Barbara Gomes
  • Rosstin Murphy
  • Zoe Symon
  • Hao Wang
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