Tone Analyzer with Watson + Apache Spark™ + Twitter

Tone Analyzer with Watson + Apache Spark + Twitter

How's your relationship with your customers? What if you could understand how consumers feel about you, your products, or your company based on what they are tweeting? Your customers tweet about you, but understanding emotions and tones from tweets can be difficult.

Using Apache Spark™ Streaming and Watson Cognitive Services on IBM Bluemix, you can sift through Twitter data to not only gauge positive and negative emotions from your customers, but also measure them across multiple tone dimensions like anger, cheerfulness, and openness—in real-time.

Using visualizations in Python notebooks, you can see the distribution of emotions of the overall set of data, or narrow in your view to see the top hashtags and their sentiment scores. These two examples are just the beginning of what you can reveal with the Tone Analyzer. Business owners can customize their searches to find hashtags that relate specifically and uniquely to them, and give a comprehensive overview of how customers actually feel.



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