How to Revolutionize Your Partner Training Program Using the LMS

How to Revolutionize Your Partner Training Program Using the LMS

When it comes to training employees, a lot of companies dive straight into creating workshop-style training programs. These programs can work well for in-depth trainings and workshops that focus on a specific topic. However, when it comes to partner training programs, the conventional way of doing things doesn’t always cut it. While many LMS are designed with businesses in mind, they also make perfect partners when it comes to automating your training programs. Even better? There are so many ways you can revamp your partner training program using an LMS. Read on to learn more about how you can get started today!

What is an LMS?

If you’re not familiar with the term “LMS,” it stands for “learning management system.” It’s a system for managing, tracking, and tracking analytics for all of your training programs. In other words, an LMS lets you create and track all of your training programs for employees. You can automatically assign users to specific trainings, track completion rates, and provide report dashboards to keep an eye on programs and your team members. LMSs are great for a lot of reasons – not only do you get a centralized system for managing and tracking all of your training programs, but they’re usually accessible via the internet. That means employees can use them from anywhere – they don’t have to be at the office.

Automating Partner Training With an LMS

If your business partners have the ability to complete training on their own, you don’t necessarily need to send them to an in-person training program. In fact, partnering with an LMS can enable you to automate partner training programs in a few different ways. First, you can use an LMS to create online courses. You can use these courses to create self-paced training sessions that partners can access anytime when they have the time to work through them. Next, you can use an LMS to create instructor-led training programs. This is a great option for programs that require more in-depth training, especially if you want to train more than one person on a topic. An instructor-led training program can be an excellent option for partners who want to learn more about a specific topic but need more training hours than self-paced courses can offer.

Use Video, Audio, and Text Message training tools

Next, you should consider expanding your partner-training options by adding video, audio, and text message tools to your partner training program. Because they’re accessible via the internet, you can use them to send partners their training materials. You can also use them to give them feedback on their trainings. Video training tools let you create and share training sessions with partners. You can create these training sessions in a variety of formats, including webinars, online meetings, and recorded training sessions. You can also use video tools to train employees on how to perform specific tasks, like how to use a specific software program. Audio tools let partners access training programs with the use of voice annotations. You can use these tools to create audio training programs that focus on tasks, concepts, and even specific words.

Conduct Live Trainings

Finally, you should consider hosting live interactive training programs with partners. Live interactive training programs let partners interact with trainers face-to-face and can be a great option for partners who want to learn from experts in-person. These programs can also be a great option for partners who want more hands-on training, as you can bring in trainers for specific tasks, like installing software programs. As great as these options are, it’s important to remember that they’re only effective when managed by an LMS. You can’t use an LMS to create or manage live training programs if you want to use the tools mentioned above.

Which Platforms Are Best for Your Needs?

Next, it’s important to choose the right partner-training platform for your needs. While many of these platforms provide similar functionality, the way you use them and the people who use them will determine their effectiveness. For example, you can use an LMS for automating partner training programs, but it’s important to customize the platform to fit your needs. You may want to customize your platform to include specific features or to include a specific type of training, like instructor-led programs.


When it comes to automating LMS for partner training is the perfect tool. They allow you to create courses, automate tracking, and host online trainings. What’s more, they can be accessed by your partners from anywhere – they don’t have to be at the office. The right provider can help you automate your partner training programs, provide analytics, and keep track of all your trainings. In order to find the right provider, you need to do a little research. You can ask your colleagues for recommendations, but you should really try to find the best provider for your needs. No matter which provider you choose, you’ll be able to revolutionize your partner training programs using the right tool.